Signature 100 50-Gallons Tall 6-year Limited 40000-BTU Natural Gas Water Heater



“Make sure everyone in your 5+ person home has ample hot water with this A. O. smith 50-gallon water heater featuring atmospheric venting and a 40,000 BTU heater. The environmentally friendly design boasts a low NOx gas burner that produces 81 gallons of hot water in the first hour and an electronic gas valve for precise temperature control that ensures optimum hot water delivery without an external power source. The electronic gas valve also includes an LED status indicator for easy diagnostics reporting and a push-button ignition to simplify the startup process. Enjoy worry-free operation of this A. O. Smith natural gas water heater thanks to a built-in safety system that reduces the risk of accidental flammable vapor ignitions. A factory-installed temperature and pressure relief valve and tamper-proof drain valve also ensures safe operation. This model is built to last. It features Tank Guard® which is designed to proivde ultimate tank protection and increase lifespan of the water heater. This added protection comes with a 6-year limited warranty for extra peace of mind. Call 1-877-GOLowes to get this water heater installed same day.”


  • Delivers the ideal amount of hot water for households with 5+ people when sized appropriately
  • Features an environmentally-friendly 40,000 BTU gas burner that delivers 81 gallons in the first hour
  • Electronic gas valve provides precise temperature control for optimum hot water delivery
  • Self-diagnostic electronic gas control incorporates an LED status indicator that monitors and reports on the system’s operational status
  • Built-in safety system reduces the risk of accidental flammable vapor ignitions
  • Tall, slim 60.75-in H x 21-in diameter profile enables easier installation in narrow spaces
  • Tank Guard® provides advanced tank protection that extends the life of your gas water heater
  • High-altitude certified from 0 ft to 10,100 ft
  • Provides peace of mind with a 6-year limited tank and parts guarantee and a 1-year limited labor warranty